The Experimentalist Podcast w/ Ogle B Straight

This is the first place to find OBS's podcast beginnings. As things develop, the episodes will be available for download so you can enjoy on the road or during a midday jog or as a soundtrack for a midnight dream.




OBS going deep into the past to discover what may have happened before his life even began. There's music to accompany the tales and the song titles are longer than ever.










After this session, widely regarded as the worst of the opening nine introductory podcasts, Ogle B had this to say: "I don't regret a thing that I've done. And, anybody that's heard me say it, besides Karsh McCabe, knows it's true."








In this seventh episode, Ogle B Straight invites a guest to join in on the music and the discussion. Will Gorman enters with a bass and some current electronic musical instruments (iPad + crazy apps) to change up the sounds. They talk about how playing music can be accompanied by personal experiences from meditation to fear.





As promised, session 006 is the first "Sports" episode. The NCAA tournament was just beginning and a billion dollar bet was made. The sponsor, Bitches Brew, was an enlightening one that really helped influence the music. Ogle B tries to draw connections between some of it and he starts revealing past life events.




Ogle B Straight celebrates the 5th anniversary(?) of the podcast. He answers some comments from listeners and, of course, plays live instrumental music from the inner dimensions of the brain. The glitch problems from episode 004 are nonexistent so things are moving along in a positive direction.



Technical difficulties happen. They are frustrating and for a novice, completely unavoidable. So, F them. Other than that, Ogle B Straight continues the to make it half way through his first 10 episodes. Here is Session 004. He tries to figure out really what he's doing. Mellow grooves and keyboard storylines to drift off and day dream to before getting distracted by the struggles. Lesson: Make it through the struggles. Keep going.




Here's session 003. OBS discusses wack freestyle raps and some of the reasons for podcasting like deconstructing dreamscapes, discovering truths about old relationships, talking movies, and practicing in the key of F#minor. There's plenty of music and some improv singing and storytelling.



This is session 002 of 'The _______ Podcast'. There's a bit more description about the process of playing music and improvising through ideas. It's kind of like a 'get to know ya' group of episodes. Improv and script reading - trials - opening doors to discover fun and whatever else is there.




This is session 001 of The Experimentalist Podcast with Ogle B Straight. The title wasn't decided upon until the 10th episode. It was called "The Blank Podcast" or "The _______ Podcast" at the beginning. This was to give room to 'fill in the blanks', the unknowns, as the sessions went on. The podcast incorporates a blend of live improvised music and traditional spoken elements into a blend of what is going on in the mind of Ogle B Straight at one particular moment in time. Each episode is recorded by OBS in a single room in one continuous session over 4-6 hours that is edited down to 30 min.