The Experimentalist Podcast: Session 099 by Brandon Mitchell

"The Experimentalist Podcast" was ultimately an excuse to work and play; also document and live. There was no real mission statement. No grand theme to explore. I suppose the hypothesis was that if one were to work on something, in this case record improvised music and then listen back and record themselves stream-of-conscious talking during the listening, would improvements happen over 100 episodes and would they be noticeable? Well, actually that would be more along the lines of formulating an initial question. The 100 episodes are more a part of the research phase, and I appear to not have made a definitive hypothesis at this point.

I could already conclude that there are a few improvements that were made over the course of the entire run of sessions, but what would be the point on top of that? Well, one thing I learned is that having a goal, a well defined expectation of results at the outset, is crucial to reaching any level of success. I also uncovered a few subplots or you could call them subconscious personality traits (flaws?) that contribute to "roadblocks" in my advancement as a human being, an individual, and ultimately a musician/artist. I may have been born with these traits or I have picked them up and they have become habits that I rely on to protect me from the horrifying feeling of embarrassment from incompetence. I am certain, however, that producing this podcast has been a way of bringing some of these realities to the surface instead of allowing them to remain safely buried.

I hope to complete the 100th session someday. If I perform it, I believe it will be done live in front of an audience of anywhere from 1 to a dozen people. And that will be what it really is.


The Experimentalist Podcast: Session 098 by Brandon Mitchell

"The Witch" may not be the most uplifting of films. So, this shouldn't try to be the most uplifting of podcasts. In fact, maybe the goal here should be to shock the eardrums out of your ever loving skull. Simply put: Allow yourself to be challenged and when stepping up to the plate, don't be afraid to go down swinging. And always find a little bit of time to enjoy the party. Am I right, witches?

Only 2 episodes to go!!!!!!!

The Experimentalist Podcast: Session 097 by Brandon Mitchell

"I WANT to do all my own shit, not shit because I have to." - - Ogle B Straight

THE SALESMAN, THE SALESMAN...I agree "The Salesman" probably should have been #5 at best, but here's how good you have to be to make an average American talk about an Iranian artist.

This dude, ASGHAR FARHADI, not only makes an entertaining, suspenseful, expertly acted, nearly flawless film in the universe of all films, he depicts a current-time movie about Iranian stage actors performing Arthur Miller's "Death of a Salesman". What a beautiful concept! Solely Iranian, too. I can't imagine an American conceiving a story about Iranian's performing classic American the basic setting. Then, ADDING all of this brilliant drama.

The Experimentalist Podcast: Session 096 by Brandon Mitchell

Things can become more clear as you get older. Such as the distance that grows between people. The thing that's not so clear is how to shrink that distance or stop it from occurring. Some times we make attempts at humor to bridge the gap, but the jokes don't land. We're not trained professionals. You might slap on some goofy false teeth to illustrate how life can be silly and isn't really so serious, but the common perception is that you're ugly and weird. As this happens more and more, you start to see their point. You laugh less and less and the distance expands.

There's always the possibility that someone else will catch on. They'll see that you're just trying to open up and enjoy life while you've got it. The hope is that you'll still be around when they do.

The Experimentalist Podcast: Session 095 by Brandon Mitchell

It's getting down to the wire. Time's running out. But, don't be scared. When it's all said and done, if you've done everything right, you'll be sitting on the porch facing your nemesis. You'll both know the deal and you'll respect each other. Sure it could have gone differently. You could have gotten away with everything and lived happily forever after. However, this is where you are. Your nemesis could have killed you, too. Instead you're having a conversation and you're sharing a sense of loss. You also know that you are alive. Both of you. And it looks like it's going to remain that way for a while.