The Experimentalist Podcast: Session 094 by Brandon Mitchell

We all look for relationships. We hope they last. We hope they are strong. We hope they help us through life. We hope that if they fail, we won't get turned into a lobster. Although, lobsters live for a lot longer than cats or dogs. That is if they are not captured, cooked, and eaten. But, that is all beside the point. I think the point is that we aren't lobsters. We are human beings and we can do things like talk and play music and record all that and release it as a long run on sentence or podcast. It doesn't have to matter. But also it might.

The Experimentalist Podcast: Session 093 by Brandon Mitchell

IN A WORLD where no one knows exactly what's going on, one man dares to take it one step further. Or is it farther? Is farther really spelled as a combination of 'fart' and 'her'? These questions and a whole lot more on this episode -- voted 7th Best Session Ever -- of The Experimentalist Podcast. Just hit the play button, wait anywhere from 10 to 72 seconds, and then get locked in for a joyride like no other. Learn a little about the fantastic movie "Moonlight" and even more about life in the super slow lane of Ogle B Straight.

The Experimentalist Podcast: Session 092 by Brandon Mitchell

I spoke with Karsh McCabe. Now I have to type this, but I'm also working on Session 093. Life is pretty nice right now.

That previous bit should have been in parenthesis if not omitted completely. But, everything here stays. It's like waking up one day. You do it, then you wake up another day. Who came up with that? Not me, so I'll get going to the 7th best session ever...The Moonlight edition. Next time on The Experimentalist Podcast.

But first check this one out. The Hail, Caeser! edition.

The Experimentalist Podcast: Session 091 by Brandon Mitchell

SPOILER ALERT! This is the 'Manchester By The Sea' version of the podcast so grab a box of Puffs w/ Aloe and plummet into the heartbreaking abyss that is the human soul. Like this podcast, the film could be a hard one to revisit. Unlike the podcast, it is a mature take on the subject matter and extremely realistic in its depiction of sadness. Like a never-ending snowstorm in the northeast, it can build up. You can shovel your walkway so you have a path that's slightly easier to navigate, but an hour later it's covered again. You get used to the task because it becomes what you know how to do. Maybe someday it will erupt into something that seems out of your control, but you know what? You gotta deal with that too.

And that scene with M. Williams and Casey A. Show stopper!!

The Experimentalist Podcast: Session 090 by Brandon Mitchell

The countdown has begun. The top ten has been broken into. This episode caps it off in the "FENCES" position. "Fences" was one of the more enjoyable experiences I had in the theater this year (2016). I have a fondness for plays that have been turned into movies with acceptable over the top acting (Glengarry). The discussion has been started that "Fences" doesn't hold up at home viewing on the small screen. Watching in the theater is not always a perfect or even a preferable setting, but for me "Fences" was the communal experience you hope for when heading out in public to watch a film. The crowd I was with was hootin', hollerin', laughing, crying, rooting for different characters at different times. It's an emotional movie, but it was also a real fun time. So...enjoy episode 090...and FENCES!

The Experimentalist Podcast: Session 089 by Brandon Mitchell

Brandon Mitchell comes in heavy on this episode still trying to crack open the final pieces and truly understand the connection to Ogle B Straight. They share a lot. Ideas, memories. They share a portion of history, yet there are important differences. An big one is that Ogle B Straight's days seem to be numbered. While the same could be said for B Mitchell, the numbers are stacked heavily in his favor. Can one exist without the other? If so, how much of a hole would be left open? Would it be more of a gaping wound? These things will be discussed in a much more confusing and convoluted fashion on the final ten episodes. Stay tuned for more and let's see this thing through...together!