The Experimentalist Podcast: Session 090 / by Brandon Mitchell

The countdown has begun. The top ten has been broken into. This episode caps it off in the "FENCES" position. "Fences" was one of the more enjoyable experiences I had in the theater this year (2016). I have a fondness for plays that have been turned into movies with acceptable over the top acting (Glengarry). The discussion has been started that "Fences" doesn't hold up at home viewing on the small screen. Watching in the theater is not always a perfect or even a preferable setting, but for me "Fences" was the communal experience you hope for when heading out in public to watch a film. The crowd I was with was hootin', hollerin', laughing, crying, rooting for different characters at different times. It's an emotional movie, but it was also a real fun time. So...enjoy episode 090...and FENCES!