The Experimentalist Podcast: Session 091 / by Brandon Mitchell

SPOILER ALERT! This is the 'Manchester By The Sea' version of the podcast so grab a box of Puffs w/ Aloe and plummet into the heartbreaking abyss that is the human soul. Like this podcast, the film could be a hard one to revisit. Unlike the podcast, it is a mature take on the subject matter and extremely realistic in its depiction of sadness. Like a never-ending snowstorm in the northeast, it can build up. You can shovel your walkway so you have a path that's slightly easier to navigate, but an hour later it's covered again. You get used to the task because it becomes what you know how to do. Maybe someday it will erupt into something that seems out of your control, but you know what? You gotta deal with that too.

And that scene with M. Williams and Casey A. Show stopper!!