The 10 Pager / by Brandon Mitchell

Everything is an experiment to me. There is no clearly defined end goal. Everything is a process to see if I can change life and then analyze the changes. Better? Worse? Good or bad? But more importantly what and why? In one sense, I am not a writer. I am not a musician. I am not an artist. However, these titles do not have clear definitions. Have you ever had a conversation including opinions on some form of art or entertainment like a song, a painting, or a movie that comes to a halt when someone says, "Yeah, but what is art?". We all write and draw and make music. We have different levels of understanding. At this point, I just want to perform some of those tasks and see. I want to experience the emotions that come along with creating something and putting it out in the worlds of the internet and the organic world we live in. Much of it if analyzed by an expert or a scholar might be judged as elementary, questionable, or even terrible. If so, what changes in my life would that bring? If something were to be considered to be genuine, original, or favorable, how would that affect my progress?

Being that this is what could be considered the beginning of this experiment, I am unsure about all lot of things. I barely can see (in the abstract sense) any structure in what I plan to do. I assume that most of my work will be originating out from my subconscious mind. I will do my best not to block it. This will be a test in personal censorship and fear of public criticism. At the same time, I will attempt to steer the products in a way that could be entertaining to myself, and hopefully by extension, others who come across this.

This blog will be updated very sparingly. My method here will be to write one continuous document. Once I have accumulated 10 pages, I will upload those pages to this blog site. It will not be one story straight through. It most likely will not even be narrative in structure. All I can claim is that it will be something that I have created and others have not. I know that life is very much about what we can produce. I want to spend much more time working on things that connect and are personal to me. This is the experiment and the results will follow.