Scurry McSkurrington 5 / by Brandon Mitchell

The David Bowie tribute band, 'Life on Mars', joins Ogle B Straight on a spooky, improvisational journey through various levels of consciousness brought on by a dose of heavy anesthesia. It is a little more than business as usual for the 'Scurry McSkurrington' festivities as Bowie himself makes an appearance and takes over the storytelling reigns. Please enjoy the fifth excursion into the weird, hallucinatory world of "Scurry McSkurrington".

Story by Ogle B Straight. Narrations by Ogle B Straight and John Conley. Music by Rusty Farmer, Aaron Thompson, Will Gorman, John Conley, Brandon 'Boogie' Martin, and Ogle B Straight. Also featuring Samson Trinh on melodica.