The Experimentalist Podcast: Session 060 / by Brandon Mitchell

Is there really an astral plane where you can meet people from another time zone? Or another time period? How about another dimension? This podcast has got me thinking. As I have been documenting these sessions, certain aspects of the space/time continuum appear to be coming loose. I cannot prove it at this point. It's just a sensation that I've been noticing. I know not to jump to any conclusions like the embarrassing disaster when I claimed to have proved the existence of God around the time of 'The Experimentalist 1'. Even though to this day I may still believe that to be true, I know the repercussions of stating such a claim without being able to reproduce the same results. However, certain events in my life are starting to happen out of order and it may be allowing me to communicate with individuals that are long gone. And maybe, just maybe, I could develop the ability to change my future for the better.

BONUS Content - Thanks Darko Duilo