The Experimentalist Podcast Session 040 / by Brandon Mitchell

Ogle B Straight has not given in to the pressures. The first full fledged fan favorite episode of the podcast, "The Idol Discussion Ep. 039", had received numbers of kudos and congratulations. People enjoyed the dialogue, the pacing, the focus. It was a unique experience for everyone including the host of that show, Ogle B. However, he did not sell out immediately. He thought long and hard about the future of this website, this project, hell, his whole damn life! And ultimately he moved forward with a decision about the future of it all. Ogle B returns to the original one on one structure of the show. One host, one mic, several trains of thought. That original style will have a whole slew of demises before the one, the only possible shining moment where he gives up for good out of pain or a fear that just couldn't be overcome. Until then, it'll just be OBS, his handgun mic, his leopard panties, a half bottle of Jameson, a few stogies, his music gear with Pro Tools and all that, a scrap of paper, maybe a pen, and a willingness to tell a tale. And there's plenty of extra seats so come on, "Hop a ride!"