The Experimentalist Podcast: Session 071 / by Brandon Mitchell

I overheard a story about a girl. She was telling the story herself, but I didn't really know her. I was just listening in doing an impression of Glenn Gould in a busy diner; eavesdropping. She had just finished a tough audition. One she was convinced she wouldn't book. Essentially, she thought it was a pointless waist of time doing something so frightening that wouldn't lead to anything of value. However, she mustered up the courage to drive to the audition, sit amongst the competition (one who would certainly be beating her out), and she performed the part for several producers who simultaneously were extremely judgmental while paying little to no attention at all. Afterward, this woman felt she had delivered the best audition she was capable of. Even more importantly, she was proud of herself. It was a feeling that lifted her off the ground. She said she felt like she was skipping on the surface of the moon. She was happy.

I hope she gets the part. I won't ever know if she will. I love the fact that she did that, though. Good for her.