The Experimentalist Podcast: Session 087b / by Brandon Mitchell

In the words of...Jake?..."Here we go again." That's right, Jake, you sad son-of-a-bitch. Here we do go again. And why? That's not usually asked, but since it is here, I'll tell you. This podcast exists to experiment with things. One of the most important things is improvisation or the concept of doing something and not know what is going to happen next. From second to second there is no telling what might transpire. One thing is for certain though: There will be mistakes or at least unexpected things will occur. Being pretty much the only soul in attendance (assuming the various layers of one's personality aren't unique souls in themselves), I must 'roll with those punches' or in other words deal with those things as they happen. It's fun, weird, and ultimately just another experiment. This one's a second go at it. How will it differ? How much does it remain the same? It's time to take on the B Side.