The Experimentalist Podcast: Session 045 / by Brandon Mitchell

Here's what happened. One day, a friend named Gina came by with a baby kitten. She had rescued it from a construction site at the local college. It was raining that day and the cat had slipped into a 2 foot deep hole into which a steel girder was about to be placed. Gina heard it's bird-like chirps to hopefully be saved. She reached into the muddy hole and he was.

She brought him to Ang and I and we raised him. He was named Silas but became The Butters by way of "Biddies", "Little Buddy", "Budders", "Fat Budders", "The Fats", "The Fat Butts", and ultimately The Butters. Sometimes he went by "Stankums".

When he was 2, he appeared on the inside sleeve of a CD jacket. In the photo, he was sitting up with his legs open wide exposing his junk, and in a voice bubble, he was saying, "Sucka D!". Now he's 15, and he's saying it on the Tardis. Sweet!