The Experimentalist Podcast Session 047 / by Brandon Mitchell

I apologize for missing last week's Experimentalist. I was out of town in Pinehurst, NC playing golf for 5 straight days. It was absolutely incredible. Some people are opposed to the entire concept of golf thinking of it as an elitist activity. That point of view is easy to see especially after you've seen George Carlin's rant. I'll link that somewhere below. However, golf courses are one of the largest art installations you can find on the planet. They are interactive, so almost as close to a 4D simulation as you can get. In fact, that could be what four dimensions is all about. You can experience physical beauty along with personal strength and weakness. You compete with your own abilities and the laws of nature that are at times helpful and other times mind boggling. It's one challenging activity (like music) that you can work on understanding for an entire lifetime and that is a nice thing to find to help keep you focused on moving forward through this life without giving up and giving in.
So, this episode and the rest that will follow until we hit number 50 will be song based with some improv. I'll be rehearsing for a sweet summertime poolside gig in Eastern PA. This session is versions of "Cosmos" (9min), "Trouble" (3min), and "Words of Love" (9min). Hope you enjoy some of these sounds.
Carlin on Golf