The Experimentalist Podcast Session 048 / by Brandon Mitchell

Continuing the string of live sessions. . .this one is a series of songs and a few loop jam improvs. To start things off you'll hear an Ogle B original "Once This Month". That works it's way into a short version of the Grab This One Band instrumental jam "He Discovers Life". The Bruce Hornsby tune "Hooray for Tom" starts up but has a critical malfunction midway through. Out of that comes a "Free" jam improv. To celebrate the upcoming Wood Brothers concert on June 26 at Brown's Island, Ogle B fits in a first ever attempted "The Muse" then finishes off with some goofing around by way of "King Tut".
Once This Month (7 min) > He Discovers Life (2 min), Hooray for Tom (2 min) > Free Improv (7 min), The Muse (4 min), King Tut (3 min)