The Experimentalist Podcast Session 049 / by Brandon Mitchell

The 2nd to last episode! Once again it's straight up live jamming all the way through. No 'extremely wack dialogue' interrupting the flow. This lengthy episode features an opening bit of improvisation before leading into the Ogle B original "Connect". That is followed by the Frank Ocean hit "Forrest Gump". After "FG" there is a long guitar solo improv that breaks down into a version of the tentative Track 10 from the upcoming Ogle B Straight instrumental album "The Experimentalist 2". The tune "Exactly the Way" follows that and closes out the episode. Hope you enjoy some of these things.

Session 049 Improv (7 min) > Connect (4 min) > Forrest Gump (2 min), Big Long Improv (16 min) > Experimentalist 2 Track 10 (8 min) > Exactly the Way (11 min)