Session 050! End of Season 2 / by Brandon Mitchell

Here is the final episode for a while. Hopefully, it will not be a long while. I'm considering this to be the end of Season 2. Session 023 was for all intense and purposes the end of Season 1. I tried to make this the longest episode ever, but I believe 023 beat this one.

Anyway, for a quick synopsis of the audio: It starts off with some open improvisation. Following that there are a string of songs. Some of them are fairly new to the repertoire. Then, around minute 36, it's time to swing for the fences. There's a super long improv portion where I spend several stretches playing with percussion loops in weird time signatures. And that's it!

It's been fun practicing and playing for this podcast. I will update Twitter and Facebook if I'm going to do anything else in the future so feel free to check those out. Hope you enjoy these Experiments. Peace!

Improv (12 min) > All The Rowboats (3 min), I'm Straight (5 min), Everbody Loves Everybody (5 min), Back on the Train (6 min), I Want Something (2 min), Delay Rock/Drum Improv (27 min)