The Experimentalist Podcast: Session 063 / by Brandon Mitchell

David Bowie passed away this week. It has been very emotional for many, many people. I have been fortunate to learn and perform a few dozen of his songs. His material has been transforming my life and it blows my mind on a daily basis. The band Mekong Xpress invited myself and the members of the Bowie tribute band, Life on Mars, to play some tunes on the day of his passing at The Answer Brewpub in RVA. I thank them. It meant a lot...and it was fun! I got to play harmonica with Bob Miller and Toby Whitaker blasting horn lines directly into my ears. Amazing! I don't talk of that specifically in this episode, but I wanted to catalog the experience at the proper time.

I'd like to make a correction that I failed to make in the episode itself. I don't mean that 'Bridge of Spies', 'Star Wars', or 'The Hateful Eight' are not good or great films. I meant that smaller, lesser known movies like 'Room', 'Mistress America', 'It Follows' and more are out there and it highly delights me when these movies find their way through.

Enjoy the music!

Image by B. Schwartz - The New Yorker