The Experimentalist Podcast: Session 064 / by Brandon Mitchell

A SPECIAL EPISODE with tons of nods to the late, great David Bowie. Ogle B improvises a lot of solo piano with teases of at least 8 different Bowie tunes. A very special IPA gets introduced in the middle of the session and some vocal fun is had. . .in and out of tune. Apologies are in store for the massacre that takes place late in the program. It might have been wise for Ogle B to delete that final attempt at Bowie's classic, "Life on Mars", but he said: "Who gives, you know? People perform that song and kill. It's hard. I wouldn't do it for serious, but this is. . .you know, a goof. As I figured out recently, I do these "sessions" (he actually makes air quotes with his hands) to remind myself of the fun element of music, or more-so, creativity. Becoming a "great" (air quotes again (man, he must be in love with those right now)) musician or performer is hard work. It's non-stop and that part of the process is really not interesting at all. But, something about that time where you're just mucking around, goofing like who-the-hell-cares, that's a huge part of the whole thing. That's what gets us going and keeps us interested. It's also the most embarrassing thing there is. I'm just learning how to feel embarrassed and not equate that with feeling "bad" or "scared". You know what I'm sayin'?"

Bonus: Purchase a copy of 'The Experimentalist 2', Ogle B Straight's instrumental loop-based album arranged by Karsh McCabe, by Feb 5 and the proceeds will go to the Massey Cancer Foundation.