The Experimentalist Podcast: Session 068 / by Brandon Mitchell

"Is there no safe space in the universe? Does everything simply belong to everybody? Sure, I am aware that posting things online opens you up to others, but I did feel that I could record these podcasts, post them, and the show would remain my own. It was simply an attempt to challenge my own personal fears of embarrassment, of making mistakes, of sucking and people knowing it. These are crippling fears that can make us not want to try anything that is out of our comfort zone. The Experimentalist Podcast had not crushed these fears, but brought them further out in the open, and I'm still dealing with that. That's what makes it even more disturbing that someone had taken over the podcast without my knowledge. It's like someone is trying to take my own struggles away from me. I want to conquer my hardships. I don't want those lessons stolen from me. So, whoever was doing that...please stop. Do your own thing."

      - - Brandon Mitchell